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Helping moms and their kids with dyslexia beat the overwhelm, celebrate their strengths, and plan their journeys with dyslexia, dysgraphia, & dyscalculia

"Zachary is such an amazing advocate for himself and for other kids with dyslexia. With Pamela's help and guidance, they explain everything about dyslexia and other learning differences so that it's finally understandable. "

Christina and Sarah
Mom and Daughter with dyslexia

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Club Dyslexia

A community of kids who have learning differences including Dyslexia, who want to just as Zachary has, to cut through the confusion, stan out and stand up for your needs, put the fun back into dyslexia, and develop a strong relationship with your learning allies.

Dyslexia Mom Power


Dyslexia Kid Power


A Note from Zachary and Pamela...

It all started 11 years ago when Zachary was in Kindergarten.  As he struggled to learn his letters, his teacher told him he wasn't "trying hard enough" and he ended up constantly stressed, frustrated, mad, or in tears. Zachary's mom, Pamela, wondered what had happened to her bright, happy 5 year old in just a few short months.  Over a decade later, we're still navigating the dyslexia journey (passing the driving test is up next...how'd time fly by so quickly?!).

We've all gone through so much and we want to be sure that you and your child learn from our experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) so that you don't have to lose any more sleep or cry any more tears over dyslexia.  We've got you covered!

Have any questions? Email [email protected] and we can discuss what custom support we can offer you!

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